Smart home

Smart home OS design is particularly important when you want to have multiple ways to access the technology in your home. Once the technology is installed and the core programming is finished, your Smart Home Professional will teach you how to manage and personalize your smart home OS to ensure you know how to access and control devices, adjust presets, and create automated scenes.
A certified showroom is the perfect place to experience for yourself the magic of a smart home and continue learning about new options and upgrades as they become available.

Briefly about smart homes ...

A smart house provides the comfort and atmosphere of living in a smart facility, whether it is a house or an apartment. With Vales, family members will be able to enjoy the comfort of controlling lighting, heating-cooling, blinds, shutters, security systems, burglary, cameras and a one-touch intercom. Using the integrated services of a porter in Wales, you can easily call a taxi, a maid or make SPA reservations.

 An example of a house or apartment topology.

Example of a solution for one residential building.

See how few devices are needed to make a smart home.