Smart hotel

Every detail in the hotel should match the expectations of the guest. The main purpose of the smart hotel solution is to create a solution that meets all the needs for comfort, aesthetics, and elegance. By creating an organization that can easily manage the integrations of the hotel management system, ensuring customer satisfaction and hotel management. All together they make our hotel solutions more attractive.

An example of a hotel topology


The reception communicates with each hotel room and all appliances in the room. So that the reception can react immediately if there is any awkward situation, fire, flood ...

Device layout in the room

  • In front of the entrance door to the hotel room there is a large display with information about the room number, hotel logo, the room is cleaned, do not disturb the bell.
  • The lobby is equipped with a welcome panel where a card is placed which gives the possibility to activate the device.
  • The next panel is a thermostat with temperature display and switches.
  • A panel is placed next to the bed for comfort.
  • Sockets, USB ports, Data port, etc ...

All these devices make your stay in the hotel pleasant and comfortable. The reception has the possibility of controlling the entire system and facilitated monitoring of important parameters.