NH-vertical fuse switch disconnector Multivert 60

NH 00 MSL Size 00 3-pole 160A / 690V

  • for snap on mounting on 60mm bus bar systems
  • optional top/bottom cable terminal connections
  • for bus bars 20-30mm wide, 10mm thick


NH 00 MSL with 3 connection screws M8, incl. cover shroud14 80501,1212
3 clamp straps Cu 4-70mm2 (set)14 80510,044
Indicating switch for switching status14 08520,016


Technical data

 NH 00 MSL
No. of poles3
Conventional free air thermal current links NH Ith160A
Rated operational voltage Ue690V AC
Rated insulation voltage Ui1000V
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp8KV
Conditional short circuit making capacity NH 
AC 400V  80kA
AC 500V  80kA
AC 690V  50kA
Utilization categoryRated operational voltagecurrent Ie 
AC 23B400VIe=160A
AC 22B500VIe=160A
AC 21B600VIe=100A
Degree of protectionIP 30
max. permissible power dissipation of NH Fuses  12W
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NH00 MSL switchboard 160A / 60mm System

Number of pieces in the package 1