Infrared movement detector - LUX threshold - Surface

Infrared movement detector - LUX threshold - Surface
Manufacturer: BES
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Motion-brightness detector + passive infrared sensor that detects any movement within its detection range. Possibility to adjust the light working-time as well as the threshold light level. It allows a wide and easy parameterization, being suitable for lighting functions, as well as people detection and intruder control.

It also includes an additional channel that can work in dependence of daylight or permanently, depending on the settings.

Supply: 29V DC from KNX BUS
Consumption: 4mA from KNX BUS
Type of protection – IP20. Security Extra-low voltage (SELV), 24V direct current
Detection range: Ø 5m at 2.5m height
Size: Ø48 x 38mm
Mounting: Screwed on ceiling or indoor wall


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