Infrared movement detector - Constant regulation - Surface

Infrared movement detector - Constant regulation - Surface
Manufacturer: BES
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SKU: SR531000

Constant light regulation sensor which is able to control lighting in function of two motion channels or independent of them. In combination with a dimmer it can maintain a constant brightness in a room. It is possible to adjust the presence sensor sensitivity in an easy way.

It also includes an additional thermostat to measure temperature where it is installed.

Supply: 29V DC from BUS KNX
Consumption: 4mA from KNX BUS
Type of protection – IP20. Extra low security voltage SELV, 24V direct current
Detection range: Ø 5m at 2.5m height
Size: Ø48 x 38mm
Mounting: Screwed on ceiling or indoor wall


Programming manual


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