Cubik-TLCA basic-Temp/Hum/CO2-Black

Cubik-TLCA basic-Temp/Hum/CO2-Black
Manufacturer: BES
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[1] basic

Front glass fixed,
white or black.

[2] design

Front glass fixed,
print customizable.

[3] capriccio

Front glass interchangeable,
print customizable.

Devices available with the back casing in WHITE or BLACK,
within a range of up to 3 levels of customization…

Thermostat with LED indicators for the control of one air conditioning area.

Eight completely programmable independent touch areas. Includes a discretized PI regulator to achieve greater comfort and energy savings.

Built-in humidity sensor. Dew point measurement according to relative humidity and temperature.

This TLCA version allows to measure the CO2 level of the room where it is located, includes an ultra-low power digital sensor for air quality measurement.

Arithmetic Logic Unit and timers/counters
Supply: 29V DC from KNX BUS
Size: 88 x 129 x 6mm
Mounted on universal box, screwed on wall

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