Bus bar podrška 100 - 185

for 100 and 185mm systems

  • snap on bus bar support mounting
  • bus bar rail width of 30—120 mm (185mm system)
  • bus bar rail width of 30—60 mm (100mm system)
  • bus bar rail thickness: 10 mm
100mm bus bar carrier 3 pole18 81000,361
185mm bus bar carrier 3 pole18 81010,541
bus bar carrier 1pol.18 81020,21
100mm end covering 3pol.18 81030,071
185mm end covering 3pol.18 81040,121


Technical data

rated operating voltage1000V AC
rated insulation voltage2000V AC
rated frequency50Hz
flame behaviorNach UL 94 V40
resistance to leakage currentCTI 600
continuous operation temperature150°
filament firmness960°
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