Bus bar podrška 60

  • rotating base
  • an extensive bus bar programm can be realised with very few components
  • for bus bars 12-30mm/5 and 10mm
  • also fits Striebel & John cabinets
3-pole, 2-hole mounting inside; incl. spacer and fixing screws10 63000,12110
External fixing with item 10 6300 incl. fixing screws10 63010,00620
1-pole, fixed to 10 6300 or for 2-pole; incl. spacer and fixing screws10 63020,04810
1-pole, for single mounting, incl. spacer and fixing screws10 63040,05610
Combi joiner; for the assembly of a 2-pole bus bar with 2 X 10 620310 63070,00410
End cap 3-pole; yellow with warning triangle10 63030,01910
Z-end cap 3-pole; yellow with warning triangle10 63080,02410
End cap 1-pole10 63100,00610
Z-end cap 1-pole10 63110,00710
Bus bar support 2-pole; 1 fixing hole10 60040,0810
Bus bar support 2-pole; 2 fixing hole10 60050,0910